Saturday, March 6, 2010

#4: Jenny Jenny by Little Richard

A shorter post this time. I don't want to take a trip down memory lane or tackle any particular theme. Instead, i want to work toward a definition.

In my previous post I disparaged genre, and I'll continue that work here. I think that often what I think of as genre has less to do with structure, themes, and other conventions as it does with what Tom Waits calls "That feel."

For instance, I think of folk music not as having anything to do with protest songs or acoustic guitars, but with audience participation and the activity of making music.

Today I want to talk about rock n' roll. What is it?

It's this:

What I'm talking about here is that breathless exuberance, that unstoppable rush of feeling. No wonder rock n' roll has always been connected to adolescent sexuality; it is a perfect analogue.

I'll not talk this up any more but instead leave you with a few more examples. Please, add your own votes.